Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts

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It's the end of January. That means before you know it, Valentine's Day will be here. If you're tired of getting that special someone in your life the same old gift, I've compiled a few ideas for unique or different gifts that are available on Amazon.

For Men

Magnetic wristband for screws, drill bits, and other small metal items - This is useful if your man is the handyman type, but has a hard time keeping track of those little things, like screws and drill bits. The set comes with large and small wristbands, so it will fit any size wrist.

  • It securely holds nails, bolts, drill bits, pins, and small metal parts.

  • It's great for professionals like electricians, carpenters, mechanics, tradesmen, and people who engage in other crafts.

Temperature control smart mug - This mug is controlled by an app. Your man can pair their mug with the app to set the temperature, customize the presets, and receive notifications. It also has an auto-sleep mode that can tell it when to turn on and off. It enters sleep mode when it's empty and wakes up when it senses movement or liquid. It's a stainless-steel mug with a scratch-resistant ceramic coating, so it's safe to hand wash - it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep.

Wooden Docking Station - This docking station and desk organizer makes it easy for your man to organize his desk. It comes with a set of three holders - one for a smartphone or tablet, another for a cup and phone, and the third is for other accessories. It also has a built-in mirror so your guy can check out his appearance once in a while.

Three-year journal for two people - This journal has questions couples can answer every day and create a unique lasting keepsake about their relationship. Questions like "Where would you like to travel with your partner," or "What does your partner's laugh sound like?" encourage creative responses. Other questions, like "What is your top priority today?" are simpler to answer. It allows couples to see how their answers compare over a three-year period.

What I Love About Us book - This is similar to the three-year journal, but it's smaller and isn't meant to be used in the same way. It has fill-in-the-blank lines to describe some aspect of affection about being a couple. Just complete each line and you have a personal gift for the special man in your life. It also allows you to choose how you answer each question - you can make it lovey-dovey, sappy, or frisky.

Exotic Beef Jerky Bouquet - If your man loves beef jerky, this is the perfect gift for him. It contains 20 long-stem exotic meat sticks in 4 different flavors - elk, buffalo, hot and mild venison.

Baseball stadium word art print - If your man is a baseball fan, and especially if they're a fan of the Yankees, they'll love this Yankee stadium word art print. It has all the names of every Yankee to play written on the print. It measures 16x20, so it's perfect for framing. It's also hand-signed by the artist.

Wireless charger - This charger has three different modes available for different phones - the 7.5 w charging mode is for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 and 8 plus. The 10W charging mode is for Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10 plus, S10, S10 Plus, S10E, Note 9, S9, and S8. The 5W charging mode works for any Qi-enabled device. Check the description to find out if it will work for your device.

Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker - This Bluetooth tracker is great for men who accidentally misplace things like their keys or other small things the Tile will fit on. Put the Tile on whatever you want to track, and if it's within 400 feet of your phone, you can use the app to make the Tile ring so you can find whatever it is you lost.

Ticket Stub Diary - If your guy likes to go to concerts or sporting events, he might enjoy saving his ticket stubs in this ticket stub diary. The sleeves store tickets of all shapes and sizes, and the margins are lined so he can write down notes about the events. The pages are acid-free, so they'll keep the ticket stubs in good shape for years.

Leather texting gloves - This is great for anyone who likes the look of leather and wants to be able to text in cold weather. It comes with your choice of two different types of linings - either a fleece and polyester lining, or cashmere and wool lining. They have 360-degree touch screen function, and work with smartphones, tablet PCs and other touch screen electronics.

Portable campfire - If your guy loves to camp, or just wants to be prepared in case of an emergency, this portable campfire is a great gift idea for him. The campfire lasts 3-5 hours, is easy to light, and can be reused so it can be used on the beach, in your backyard, and while camping. It's made from recycled soy wax, so it doesn't give off a smoky smell and it produces little soot. It has a shelf life of 30+ years.

Gift ideas for women

Of course, we can't leave the women out. Guys, if you're completely clueless as to what to get your woman for Valentine's Day, here are some unique ideas.

Oversized blanket sweatshirt - This is the original blanket sweatshirt that was seen on Shark Tank. It's as soft as a blanket but has the fit of an oversized hoodie. It will keep your woman warm and cozy while they watch TV, play video games, or work on their laptop. If they like to go camping, it's also a great way to stay warm at the campsite. One-size-fits-all, so it should fit women of most shapes and sizes. Just pick a color you know they'll like, and you've got a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Warming slippers - If she tends to have chilly feet, these warming slippers are a great gift idea for her. They're filled with an all-natural grain and dried French lavender to provide soothing warmth and comfort. They're great for stress relief or travel, and they help reduce anxiety.

Mini Waffle Maker - If she loves to make breakfast for you, this mini waffle maker is a good choice. In addition, she can make paninis, hash browns, and biscuit pizzas with it. It's great if you live in a small apartment or have a house with a small kitchen. It's also easy to use - just plug it in and start cooking.

Bathtub caddy tray - If she likes to take long baths, this is a great gift for her. It has places for her soap, plus it's waterproof, and if you like to bathe together, it will accommodate both of you.

Olivia women's watch - This watch has a 38 mm gold round case with a large white numbered face. It can be paired with other bracelets, bangles, and jewelry.

Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Plush Robe - This is another good choice for women who like to stay warm. It's knee-length and is machine washable in cold water. It's a great choice for women who aren't quite ready to get dressed after their shower or bath, but still want to stay warm afterward.

Essential oil diffuser - If she likes aromatherapy, she'll love this essential oil diffuser. It comes in four different styles, and this upgraded version produces more mist than the previous diffuser. It has seven color-changing lamps, plus a lamp and programmable on and off cycles. Once the water runs out, it automatically shuts off.

Heart-shaped pool float - If you're lucky enough to live in an area where it's warm in February, this heart-shaped pool float is a great gift idea for her. It measures 45 inches by 45 inches, and it's made of heavyweight vinyl. It's compact when it's deflated, so it's easy to store. It's pink on the bottom and clear on the top and filled with floating colorful glitter.

You complete me jigsaw puzzle - If she likes to put jigsaw puzzles together, this is a great idea. It's heart-shaped and has a writable surface on the back so you can write a personalized message to her. It's made of wood and comes in 10 pieces with a special heart-shaped piece in the center.

Where it all began burlap canvas print - This gift is a great way to remember special locations, such as where you had your first date or your wedding. Choose your favorite color and design, then enter the address you want converted to GPS coordinates. Alternatively, you can look it up and send a note with the order. The frame isn't included, but the print will fit in a frame that fits an 8 x 10 print.

These are just a few of the more unusual Valentine's Day gift ideas I found for men and women. When considering what you want to get for your significant other, think about your budget and what their interests and needs are. Your man may not need a magnetic wristband if they're not the handyman type, and if she doesn't like aromatherapy, she might not want an essential oil diffuser.