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Thrift Shopping: How You Can Save (Mackle)More Money

Updated: May 21

I know what you may be thinking: “Macklemore’s Thrift Shop? What year are we in?” Sure, the song’s pretty old, but it has aged well and most importantly attracted those who were unaware of thrifting. By the end of this article, you’ll admit Macklemore was right about thrift shopping.

Thrift shopping, or “thrifting”, is a fun and smart way to shop. Thrift shops hold many refurbished and used, but in good condition, items that were once treasured in someone’s life. Items in a thrift store include anything that you can imagine: clothes, furniture, books, paintings, and more. Because of the large variety of items donated from new and old generations, thrift shopping is an exciting activity whenever you feel like going on a hunt for unique goods. Being a common activity amongst older individuals, thrifting has also caught the attention of younger people. After wading through mountains of unique furniture, clothes, and literally anything you can think of, you may be surprised that the total bill at the end of your hunt is not as much as you expected (a T-shirt can easily be $2!). There’s no doubt that thrifting saves you a lot of money, and this can attract the young and old alike.

I enjoy thrifting because it’s always a fun experience. When I step into the thrift store, I usually don’t have anything particular in mind. This makes it more exciting because I don’t know what kind of items I’ll come across. Considering I find fashion fascinating as well as try to make my outfits unique everyday, I tend to head toward the clothing racks looking for anything that catches my eye. For me, a successful thrifting experience usually goes like this: “What the heck is that?” and moments later, “I’ll take it!” Many thrift stores have a constant flow of donations which keeps the merchandise new and fresh with every visit. Because of this, I always look forward to thrifting!

In addition to always finding something unique and one-of-a-kind during every hunt, I’m always happy that I get to save a lot of money. Since all items at thrift stores are gently used, the prices for these items are usually seen below $10. Bigger and more valuable items may cost more, but keep in mind that these items are cheaper than the cost of those in retail stores.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t buy everything from thrift stores. Unlike Macklemore, you don’t need to buy everything you need from these shops. There’s no doubt that many items are cheap, but some things are meant to be bought new such as undergarments and electronics. Electronics can be a bit tricky since they may not work once you try to use them at home. Furthermore, most electronics at thrift stores don’t come with their original handbook. However, other electronics are just fine and may just need minor repairs. I personally once bought a film camera that only needed a roll of film to work. Since I had some familiarity with these cameras, I knew it wouldn’t be a hassle to get it working. On the other hand, if I were looking to buy a desktop computer, I would head to the nearest electronic store since I’m not familiar with the functions of computers. All in all, I would just say to trust your gut and use your best judgement when thrifting.

Don’t limit yourself. Whenever I look for clothes at thrift stores I don’t stay in one section; I go to the men’s section, too! If you’re looking for clothes while thrifting, you can extend your thrifting experience by allowing yourself to be open to other clothing sections. I mean, they’re just clothes, right? Of course, I wouldn’t go to the children’s clothing section for myself but I always find myself looking everywhere for anything that might catch my attention. I have found many cool T-shirts in the men’s section that were perfectly fine and made my thrifting experience more interesting. And who knows, maybe by exposing yourself to other sections of thrift stores, you’ll come across something that might be perfect for a gift!

If you’re looking for something specific, be smart about it. Like all other stores, many thrift stores organize their items by section. Some thrift stores even organize their clothes by color. A few simple tricks if you’re looking for clothes include keeping an eye out for the colors you want as well as textures. Without even pulling the shirt from the rack, you can feel your way around to find exactly what you’re looking for. This fast way of hunting is the perfect method for those who need to find something quickly without having to search the entire store.

Although Macklemore’s hit song Thrift Shop is nearly a decade old, the message it conveys still inspires and changes the way we shop today. Who doesn’t like saving money and finding things you’d never find in a regular store? All in all, thrifting is a fun way to shop for unique items and a great way to save your money. If you love a good hunt while not breaking the bank, then give thrifting a try! And if you do thrift, leave a comment letting us know what your favorite thrift stores are!

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