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The Year of the Dinosaur

Updated: Feb 20

Now that we’re basically in 2020, I think it’s time to really embrace bringing the past into the future. The ‘20s were such a fun and adventurous time. Flapper dresses, feather headbands, the Charleston; there are so many fun things that could really help us start this year off right.

The most important thing we should be bringing back, though, is dinosaurs.

No, dinosaurs were not still around in the ‘20s, despite what my grandma says every time she talks about being in elementary school, but I think it’s time for dinosaurs to be a “Thing”. Goodbye mermaids and unicorns—you’ve had your fun. Mermaid hair, unicorn drinks, other crazy foods, rainbows and glitter and sequins; these are things of the past. They’re so 2019. 2020 is the Year of Dinosaurs.

Granted, dinosaurs are not super out there as a trend. I’ve already found earrings, shirts, swimsuits, backpacks, key chains and a lot of other things that I want (but can’t afford) that are dinosaur-themed. Go into any toy aisle at Target or Wal-Mart and you will find tons of dinosaurs (because kids are way ahead of the curve on what’s cool). If you think this means that dinosaurs can’t be a trend, think again! Before mermaids and unicorns made it big, they were floating around out there, too! There were kid’s toys and Disney movies about them. Dinosaurs have been background characters for too long, paying their dues in the chorus line, and now it’s their time to take center stage and blow us away.

In any case, I’ve got some very compelling reasons that dinosaurs should be the new “Thing,” and I’m ready to share them.

1. Dinosaurs Actually Existed in Real Life

Mermaids and unicorns are cool and magical, but there’s no actual proof that they’re real. We have dinosaur skeletons, so it’s pretty hard to argue that they don’t exist. I’ve been to the museums. In addition to being cool and real, dinosaurs could also spark a lifelong interest in paleontology or geology, or some other study that involves dinosaurs or, you know, super old things. What a great way to become interested in science!

2. Dinosaurs Require You to Use Your Imagination

We’ve seen their skeletons, but what else do we know about what dinosaurs actually looked like? Did they have fur? Feathers? Scales? Were they fat, like giant corgis? Who knows! They’re a choose-your-own-adventure type of animal. Just like mermaids and unicorns, you can basically restructure them around their skeletons and no one can tell you that you’re wrong—because nobody else knows! Stretching the imagination is important for both children and adults, so dinosaurs would really be a cognitive boost as a trend.

3. There is So Much Potential for Merchandise

Step on it, fancy fashion designers and beauty gurus. Not knowing what dinosaurs really looked like opens up so many possibilities for beauty products! So much glitter and rainbow scales! Let’s have MORE dinosaur shirts and swimsuits. Mermaid sequins? You mean, Dinosaur Scales. Let’s add some little spines down the back of that dress. Velociraptor rings? Yes, please. Dinosaur hair? That could be a thing! Why not use glitter for dinosaurs, too? It’s really just a matter of rebranding, I think. Take all of that unicorn/mermaid stuff and switch it around snippy-snappy! Dinosaur glitter all day, son. Plus, chubby dinosaur babies would literally be the cutest thing ever. There’s so much money in this, I’m starting to feel like I should hoard these ideas and start my own dinosaur-themed store.

4. Tons of Entertainment Value

We need more movies like The Land Before Time and Dinosaur. Frankly, I’d like to start seeing some dinosaur books, too. Who cares about vampires and dystopian futures? I want a nice YA trilogy about a T-rex princess who is morally against meat-eating because her childhood best friend is some sort of small herbivore dinosaur and she hates the discrimination, etc. I’d read it. I think that’s the next great American novel, personally.

5. Dinosaur food

Food-wise, not only can you make dinosaur-shaped things and dinosaur-colored things (again, we don’t know what color they were, so this could be anything), you can also eat like a dinosaur! Let’s think beyond dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets; that one Ted Talk says that chickens are dinosaurs, so really those are dinosaur-shaped dinosaur nuggets. Vegetarians can have brontosaurus salads and people who like meat can have a T-rex diet. There’s also always the option to make some lava (or meteor) themed foods, because that’s probably how they died.

To prove that I’m serious about this whole dinosaur thing, I did a little research on how unicorns became the top of the food chain, so to speak. According to some, there are three main things that something needs to become a true fad: it needs to match up with the current zeitgeist (the mood of the times, I guess; crazy how much your vocabulary grows when you’re doing light internet research), celebrities need to talk about it, and it has to pick up on social media. You probably won’t be surprised by this but it turns out that social media is the main reason unicorns got to be so big. Their sparkly aesthetic really draws the eye, and their magical powers keep you coming back for more.

Unfortunately, dinosaurs the way we think of them now don’t really have the silky, pastel vibe that made unicorns so popular, but that can be changed! They already tend to be boldly colored and we can certainly lean in to that—no more brown dinosaurs for us! Now they’re red. Who knows, maybe in the next few days I’ll try out some of my new dinosaur ideas on social media and see how my three followers feel about it.

As far as I know, no celebrities are currently interested in dinosaurs or dinosaur-related things, but that could change at any time. And for the zeitgeist, if I’m understanding it correctly, it could totally work! Unicorns were about bringing light and magic into a relatively cold, hateful period of history, and I think dinosaurs have the same potential. The dinosaurs we see in Jurassic Park might not work, but Land Before Time? Why not! They’re smart and brave and powerful (or at least they could have been), and most importantly I love them.

Step aside, unicorns; this year is for the dinos. The possibilities are so endless, it’s insane. Do you think that dinosaurs could become as big as unicorns and/or mermaids? Would you be willing to help me start this new trend? Do you want to start 2020 off right, or do you want to be stuck in the past (not like the dinosaur past, the more recent past)? Would you agree that if dinosaurs can’t be the next “Thing”, it should be Dodo birds (which also do not get the recognition or appreciation that they deserve)? They probably went extinct because, as Cody said in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, “[we forgot] to cherish [them].”


Aren't they majestic?

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