• Olivia Allred

Movies I Loved as a Kid That Withstood the Test of Time

Every once in awhile I come across a movie I haven’t watched since I had to hide my Junie B. Jones books under the covers when my parents came to check that I was asleep, and it just throws me back into those carefree days before the responsibility of brushing my teeth was totally on me. Sometimes I re-watch them and I realize what poor taste I had, but that is not the case with these movies! Though the plot, sets, and acting may be subpar, they are lovable as all get out and deserve our appreciation. Since there still isn’t too much to do outside the house, now is the time to catch up on some of these delights.

1. Dunston Checks In

Summary: Charlie from The Santa Clause lives in a hotel and wreaks havoc with an orangutan. There’s a jewelry thief, George Costanza, and some hijinks with an elevator, if I’m remembering correctly.

My dad thought this movie was a waste of time, but he was wrong! As a true connoisseur of classic movies, I can tell you that this is definitely one of them.

2. Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Summary: Australian zookeepers film an educational series in the outback while being chased by spies from the US, who are trying to recover sensitive information from the intestines of a crocodile.

I recently rewatched this movie to celebrate Earth Day, and it did not disappoint! The plot is ridiculous, but the enthusiasm is off the charts, and it really gets you excited about animal conservation. The horror of the bird-eating spider holds up, too.

3. Space Jam

Summary: A thrilling film about aliens, basketball, and winning against all odds. Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, and a team of other cartoons take down the Monstars, who maliciously stole the talents of basketball players in order to abduct the Looney Tunes characters.

I don’t think anything scared me as much as the Monstars did when I was a kid, with the exception of the dog-broom from Alice in Wonderland. Their voices haunt me to this day.

4. Love Surreal or Everything You Want

Summary: An artist has to decide between loving her imaginary friend or a real boy. Ron Stoppable is the only character that matters, as usual.

The first time I watched this movie was at a party I went to with my cousin. Everyone was older than me by a year or two, which felt like a lot because I was about twelve, and I was very uncomfortable the whole time, except when we were watching this movie and I could ignore everyone else. It made me wish a little bit that I’d had an imaginary friend as a kid.

5. Sleepover

Summary: Group of girls graduate junior high and suddenly think that they look old enough to get into a club. A dog stands totally still while being jumped over by a stunt double. Why is the brother always funnier than the main girl?

This movie gave me unrealistic expectations about what high-schoolers looked like, but I would still recommend it to anyone! It also gave me the unreasonable belief that as soon as I got to high school, I’d be fighting off cute senior boys left and right, so what I learned was how to deal with disappointment, a lesson for which I am forever grateful.

6. Another Cinderella Story

Summary: Selena Gomez dates the singing voice for High School Musical’s Troy, who is way too old for her. We’re supposed to believe that her cute garage apartment is sad. Her stepmother has bacne and a weird obsession with teen pop stars.

I did ballet for so long that a part of me thought this was how my life would go. A cute pop star would show up at my high school, be blown away by my out of this world classical dance training and down-to-earth personality, and then I would become a star! So many dreams unrealized.

7. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Summary: Teen girls sneak out to go to a concert. Main character is in love with the singer of the band, even though he’s kind of a loser. She also manages to hide an entire box of pizza in her room without her mom finding out long enough for it to smell bad. Megan Fox plays an old lady.

How can one person hold so much drama in their body? It has to be exhausting. That’s what I thought watching this movie as an adult, but even though I recognized it’s cringier moments, I still have to say that I would recommend it. And thank goodness she ended up with her friend. I’m pretty sure when I was young, I wanted her to wind up with the singer and he was definitely inappropriate.

8. Go Figure

Summary: DCOM about a girl who wants to be a professional figure skater. In order to get into her fancy school, she has to take a hockey scholarship and lie to her friends and her enemies about what she’s doing. She does not perform her own skate routines.

Even though I now recognize that the main girl is super irritating, I love this movie. I’m a sucker for the secret life, the drama, and every time a teenager says their parent is ruining their life.

Those formative years have such a huge impact, it’s no wonder you can still enjoy a garbage movie you loved back then. What are the movies that you saw as a kid that you would watch on a loop, even though they’re kind of awful? Were you a Land Before Time fan? The Little Mermaid II, perhaps? Let us know in the comments!