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IUD, Hair Loss, Post-Partum Rage, and a Non-Sleeping Baby

Could They Be Connected?

By Meagan Lamey Meier

I got an IUD placed in late April 2018. The day after it was placed, my hair started

falling out in handfuls. I remember thinking, “hmm, could this be related to my IUD?”

My daughter was born February 7th the same year, so I expected some postpartum

hair loss. What I didn’t expect was to lose enough hair to fill a quart-sized bag in two

weeks. And then I would go on to lose enough for another quart-sized bag. My

OB-GYN told me it was all a coincidence. There was “no way” my hair loss was

related to my IUD. So, I trusted him. I had been through postpartum hair loss before

with my son, but this was…something more. It had to be.

Not long after having the IUD placed, my daughter stopped sleeping through the

night. Consistently from week three to month four, she slept all night long. Then all

of a sudden, she stopped, and woke up around 8-10 times per night until she was

over a year old. Maybe it was the fourth month sleep regression, but maybe my

hormones were playing a big role. She was, and still is, breastfed.

Thanks to constant lack of sleep, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, specifically

postpartum rage. I was angry ALL the time. I fully understood shaken baby syndrome, and

how caregivers can just snap in an instant and make a devastating decision. I googled

what would happen if I just abandoned her (and the rest of my family), and went to

live alone. I hated my daughter from the hours of 10:00pm-8:00am. HATED. I

contemplated some very dark things. My mind took me to places that I didn’t know

existed. Thoughts that will make me cry if I give them too much headspace now. I

was open with my husband, and we agreed I needed some help.

(If you are feeling this way, and have not reached out for help, I urge you to get the

help you need. Reach out to ANYONE who will listen. And if they don’t, reach out to

someone else. Do not go through this alone.)

I talked to my amazing NP, and she really listened. Then she prescribed me

sertraline (I think) at the lowest dose, at least from what I can recall. I’ve never

taken any sort of antidepressant before, but I learned about SSRI’s when I got my

degree in psychology, so I understood how it was supposed to work and help me. It

took away a tiny smidge of the rage and anger, but I felt drunk. I would take it

around 9:00-10:00pm, and the hangover would last until 2:00-3:00pm the following

day. I took it so late since my anger and rage was mostly at night from being woken

up so many times. (My husband was also waking up, so don’t go hatin’ on him, ha!)

My body didn’t respond well to a pump, and he didn’t lactate so I was mostly in


I had a dull headache the entire time I was on the medication, and I am not someone

who EVER gets headaches. I tried them for a few weeks, but I could not handle the

side effects! I was exhausted beyond belief, and just could not function. I had

horrible brain fog. So let’s fix rage and anger with a headache, extreme exhaustion

(worse than a baby waking me 8-10x per night) and then not be able to think. So

under advisement, I tried half a dose. Same results. With approval from my NP we

decided the medication just was not going to work for me. I do not recall trying a

second medication, but I may have. We decided a more natural route may work

better for my body.

At this time, I was ready to try anything to not feel the way I felt. I’ve been through

postpartum hormonal shifts before; I also had a son, three years prior! I know

having another child only compounds issues, but this was just so drastically

different. I reached out to a friend who used and taught about essential oils. I asked

her if she had something that could help me. She brought me a blend of oils called

“Joy” from Young Living Essential Oils. She told me to put a drop or two over my

heart each day, and when I felt like I needed some extra help, to make sure I inhaled

some deep breaths when I put it on.

Joy is basically happiness in a bottle. It smells beautiful, and when you smell it, you actually

start to feel happy. I know that sounds bat-shit crazy. I do. But…guess who started to feel

more like herself?! (hint…it’s me). Not long after trying this oil, I decided to buy a starter kit

from Young Living. Peace and Calming blend also became a favorite. My husband would

remind me to use them in the middle of the night before I went into my daughter’s room.

These oils helped me so much that I just couldn’t even believe it. I started telling anyone

who would listen about them.

This isn’t about oils though…this is about my IUD. And I still had it. My hair was still

shedding at a drastic rate (I know I lost 40% of my hair at least), which was not

helping with my mood and confidence. I was not losing the baby weight as I had

before. I was always cranky. My daughter still was not sleeping. I left that bastard

inside my body for a little over a year. Of course I called my OBGYN and told him

about my symptoms. Of course I asked if this could be related. Of course I thought

even though they assured me it was not connected, that really it was.

I finally had enough, and in June 2019, I had it removed. By the time I got back to my

car after removal, I felt more like myself. I found a Facebook group that was full of

women like me who had awful side effects from their IUD. I knew I could not be the

only one, and as it turns out, I’m not. If you relate to any of this that I’ve said above,

know you are not alone. Advocate for yourself and do not stop until you get


I am so happy to be back to myself. It has been out for a year now, and I

have found natural things to support my hormones, and as long as I’m consistent –

my body is supported and happy. I notice if I forget my oils for a day or two.

I’m so glad I began listening to my body. It was telling me, YELLING AT ME that

something was not right and it did not approve. I just did not listen early enough.

I have plenty of beautiful, profound and loving memories of this time with my

daughter in her first year, but I also have horrible memories of whispers yelling at

her in her room that she was terrible and I didn’t like her at all. I unfortunately get

to live with both of those memories. Listen to your body, I’m sure it is screaming

something at you – and it’s time you pay attention.

Disclaimer: I use essential oils and supplements from Young Living Essential Oils.

Because of my experience with these products, I decided to become a distributor and

have a business with Young Living. If you find yourself with questions about oils and need

someone to help, I would love to be your person. You can comment below to connect

with me, find me on Facebook or Instagram, or simply use this link and then I will

contact you www.tinyurl.com/meaganmeierYLEO.

***I am not a medical professional. This is simply my experience and my story. I am

not recommending that you do anything, other than know yourself, your body and

what works for you. I’m happy to share specifically what I use on myself that works,

but cannot in any way guarantee that you will experience the same results. Always

seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional. My NP is very supportive of

what I do and knows which oils and supplements I use. If your doctor is not

supportive of natural products – find a new one.