How to Prepare for the Apocalypse

Being prepared for the ever-changing future is vital for your survival. Ever since the invention of the atomic bomb, the fear of nuclear holocaust has haunted us and led to highly advanced doomsday prepping. Not everyone can afford a fancy bomb shelter though. So here are some cheap tips to surviving on a budget.

Being prepared can help give you peace of mind, even when the future is uncertain. Staying informed and updating your knowledge of survival skills can help ease your sense of doom and costs nothing! The internet is full of how-to guides and information on how to live off the land in times of desperation by gaining knowledge about how to create freshwater and building your own water filters for instance.

Learning another language can also be helpful when navigating the post-apocalyptic landscape. Knowing certain phrases can be the difference between life and death out there in the barren wasteland

Keeping a preparedness kit handy will also save you time after the big bang goes off. Instead of having to rush out and scramble for supplies, having a stash at the ready can be very useful. You should have such items as iodine to clean your water, food that won’t spoil, such as canned goods and matches. You should also have a radio in case anyone is broadcasting near your location so you can find other survivors or avoid them. If you plan on traveling after everything settles, make sure you have maps and a compass to guide you.

Another step you can take before the bombs go off, is to get as physically fit as possible. The faster you can run, the better. Also getting ready for long bouts of travel would be in your best interest. Creating new habits, like fasting will also help you transition to the new reality.

Surviving the apocalypse doesn’t have to be costly and preparing beforehand can help a lot. It never hurts to be prepared. Good luck on your survival!

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