How to Find a Lost Dog’s Home

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How to Find a Lost Dog's Home

By Christina Cronauer

So you found a lost dog. What now? Everyone knows about posting flyers on telephone poles and asking around the neighborhood but now with technology, there are more options with farther reaches than your own street block.

Social media is a great way to start. It has a larger reach and is more efficient than flyers. On Facebook, there are online community pages made specifically to help find lost dogs within the community. Just search your cities name along with lost pets or something similar and at least one community page will pop up. On those pages, you can make a post; which is basically a digital flyer. Once you have created a post containing a picture of the dog, along with any pertinent information, you can share it. After you post it on the page, it can then be shared by anyone who sees it, which means it can reach much farther than an actual flyer ever could.

Many dogs are now chipped. Although you can purchase your own chip reader on Amazon here ;your local veterinarian should also have one and they will check to see if your found dog has a chip. In case your vet is closed, most pet stores, chains (such as Petsmart) and small businesses alike, have chip readers.

Although it sounds like an easy fix with the chip reader, you can run into

some difficulties.The chip reader company cannot give out any information about the owner registered on the chip. So you will most likely be working through the third party waiting to hear back from the owner. That is if the numbers are even still valid. In a lot of cases, the numbers are no longer in service, or the number is from a previous owner. Another possibility is that the dog is abandoned and the owner won’t answer. If that is the case there are still options to help you take care of the lost pup.There are many humane societies in the United States. You should contact your local humane society for more information about finding a place for the lost dog. They may ask you to hold on to the dog until they can find a foster home. They are well connected with people that want to help such dogs find forever homes. If you do decide to adopt the cutie, which let’s face it, they have grown on you, then the humane society can be a really great tool to help you save money on spaying/ neutering and vaccinations.

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