• Katrina Pinili

Hidden Cafes to Visit in Seattle, Washington

Updated: May 22

This past year I visited Seattle, Washington twice; the weather and the food was so good

I had to come back a second time! The second time around, I decided to focus on the cafes and

restaurants that were less well known but still great places to chill at. We all know that Pike

Place Market is the main place to visit whenever you’re in Seattle, but what about those

underground cafes that tourists usually overlook? During my second visit to Seattle, I stumbled

upon some unique cafes that were pleasant surprises. If you’re ever visiting Seattle, these are

definitely the cafes to visit!

1. Fresh Flours

This cute and snug cafe is located close to the Woodland Park Zoo. My friend and I

wanted to pass some time before visiting the zoo, and we happened to stumble upon this little

cafe. Situated On the corner of a nearby street, we walked in and were greeted by a display

case of pastries and the smell of coffee. Contemplating what to order, I decided on getting an

almond croissant and a small mocha drink. Since I have quite the sweet tooth, I really enjoyed

the sweetness of the croissant while the mocha gave a smooth finish to the whole brunch. I

liked this cafe because it was a classic cafe that had many different pastries and drinks. If you’re

near the Woodland Park Zoo, I would suggest stopping by for a little snack or beverage in this

cozy cafe!

2. Bacco Cafe & Bistro

Located on the way to Pike Place Market, this cafe has more food items than your usual

café. Along with pastries and drinks, they also serve breakfast and brunch. I happily ordered a

hot chocolate and potatoes with biscuits and gravy. I was content after eating my meal, and my

stomach was definitely full for quite some time after. If you’re looking for a place to eat

breakfast or brunch, then this cafe is the spot to go to before starting your day!

3. Seattle Coffee Works

Like Bacco Cafe & Bistro, Seattle Coffee Works is on the way to Pike Place Market.

Located on a busy street, this cozy cafe is definitely the perfect spot if you’re looking for a place

to study or read a book. Wanting to try something different than my usual order, I decided to

order a chai tea latte. The chai tea latte was a really nice drink to have first thing in the

morning: its cinnamon flavor was comforting and made me feel all warm inside. This cafe is the

perfect spot if you need a little break from the busy city!

4. Ghost Alley Espresso

This tiny cafe is located in Pike Place Market right next to Seattle’s infamous gum wall. It

has a unique menu in which it has a set collection of drinks while also having a mystery mocha.

This mystery mocha is exactly what its name suggests: you tell the barista your flavor profile

and preferences, and they create a mocha based on what you like. This drink is great for those

who aren’t picky and want to be surprised!

I enjoyed all of these cafes that I visited while I was in Seattle, and I’m definitely visiting

them again whenever I go back. To me, cafes have always displayed a cozy and relaxing

environment, and the smell of pastries and coffee really adds to the atmosphere. These 4 cafes

were really enjoyable places to be in, and I recommend visiting them whenever you find

yourself in Seattle.

Do you know any cafes you absolutely love going to? Let us know in the

comment section!