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Four of the Best Interactive Story Apps for You to Try!

For years, varying storytelling platforms like books, television, and movies have allowed us to escape our everyday lives and step into the shoes of our favorite fictional characters. Now audiences can get the same thrill right in the palm of their hands. Interactive stories align the descriptiveness of books with lifelike, customizable digital animation to allow readers like you to emerge into a new world as a different character; or even yourself! You can also make choices to influence your story’s outcome and dress your character for every event. Check out some of our favorite free interactive story apps available on the App Store!

Chapters: Interactive Stories

Enjoy familiar stories your way in Chapters. Featuring narratives from best-selling authors, Chapters has a wide range of genres including romance, fantasy, drama, young adult, and even sci-fi. Many of the stories are around 15-20 chapters, each chapter lasting at minimum, 15 minutes. The authors do a wonderful job of making the dialogue believable and the story-lines captivating. The app is LGBTQ+ friendly, with several stories and options to love whoever you wish. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t give you too much choice in character presentation, only allowing players to customize hairstyles and outfits of pre-generated characters, many of which must be purchased with diamonds. Though mildly irritating, the characters do not do much outside of showing a small range of emotions. You only see their faces – just enough imagery to let your imagination run wild.

In addition to character and story-line customization, you can use tickets to start a new chapter and earn free diamonds upon completion. This app offers a seven-day login reward of two diamonds daily. Like many of these free apps, there are many ways developers entice players to spend real money. Many of the better choices cost loads of diamonds, the average being more than you could save up by reading chapters and collecting on ads and logins. Expect to come out of pocket 20 dollars for 250 diamonds; Spend them wisely, because they deplete quite quickly. You can also purchase tickets in case you are too engaged in play to wait hours for your two free tickets to replenish. Not interested in spending your hard-earned cash? We understand, the free options still lend for some amazing story-lines.

Episode– Choose Your Story

Episode is more than an app, it’s a community. Featuring stories from its users, Episode offers readers the chance to not only choose their story, but to create one as well. This is the only app on this list that allows players to write and animate their very own stories to share, and some community authors even get paid! The graphics in this app have evolved tremendously over time, now offering numerous skin tones, facial features, trendy outfits, and modern hairstyles to customize your characters to look as much like you as possible. Many of the stories shared on Episode showcase full-body characters that actually act out the scenes in which your character is portrayed. Make your characters dance, run, or even fight in your very own story. There’s so much to do through Episode, that it’s easy to forget about purchasing gems for premium choices and outfits. They are most beneficial for Episode original content. Otherwise, enjoy the minds of creative individuals all over the world, and share some of your creativity, too! The most annoying thing about this app is having to wait on tickets to keep reading and supporting creators like you!

Love Island the Romance Game

Based on the UK reality show “Love Island,” the Love Island game app allows fans to become contestants on the show, make friends, play in crazy challenges and ultimately find love. The app has two playable seasons, with Christmas, reunion, and wedding specials to play as well. Players get to customize and name their contestant; and ultimately choose with whom they want to win Love Island. The story-lines are quite adult-themed, as you can imagine, and really give you the feeling that you are on reality television. Hook-up, fight, or make peace; Love Island lets you be the reality star you’ve been daydreaming about. Like most interactive story apps, premium choices and outfits cost, but the good news for frugal spenders like myself is that (spoiler alert) you win either way. Premium choices only unlock more information on the other contestants and don’t seem to overly affect the outcome of the story.

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes

If you’re looking for an adult read, Tabou has all the 50 shades you need. This adult interactive story app features stories containing strong sexual content rather than mild innuendos. Tabou explicitly lays everything out on the table, immersing you in some of the naughtiest of fantasies. Premium choices, outfits, and hairstyles are quite expensive, ranging from 5-30 diamonds, and the 15-20-minute chapters are packed full of choices that dwindle your stack pretty quickly. Though the stories are truly a guilty pleasure, earning enough diamonds to enjoy the premium choices is nearly impossible, a sad reality given that the outfit choices are some of my favorites among these types of games. Tabou only offers players one diamond at the end of every chapter, without an opportunity to watch an ad for more. However, you can purchase the VIP Club monthly membership for $12.99 which includes 120 diamonds to start with, 10 diamonds every day you open the app, and two diamonds after every chapter you complete. The stories are still a great read if you take the free route; The story-lines build tension and there’s usually at least one free naughty choice to keep you satisfied.

Have we forgotten your app of choice? Share your favorite interactive stories with us in the comments!

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