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My Binge-Watching Picks #1: Tubi

Updated: Mar 27

In previous posts, I discussed how the increasingly crowded streaming marketplace would force consumers to make choices regarding what they are willing to pay for. I’ve also mentioned that the availability of free streaming services could potentially save users money if they are able to find content on these sites that can occupy them for a few months.

With that in mind, I decided to start what may potentially be a series of articles offering my recommendations for titles available for viewing. As the name of the game is “binge-watching”, I will limit my recommendations to TV programs with a “binge-able” number of episodes.

For this article, I am recommending titles available on Tubi. The availability of these titles is as of the posting of this article and may be subject to change.


Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Episodes: 65

Summary: This famous series depicts a young Merlin arriving in Camelot. By circumstance and destiny, he becomes the servant of Prince Arthur, who is destined to be the once and future king. To ensure Arthur fulfills his destiny, Merlin must protect him as he studies and grows as a sorcerer in a kingdom where Arthur’s father has outlawed magic under penalty of death.

Hell’s Kitchen

Genre: Lifestyle, Reality, Cooking

Episodes: 264 (17 seasons)

Summary: For those who don’t know, this program depicts world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay pitting two teams of chefs against each other for the chance to win a job as head chef of a restaurant. Throughout the competition, the chefs face numerous challenges, both in and out of the kitchen. Each team tries to stay on top, both for the rewards and to be safe from elimination.

Content warning: Those of you have watched the show before on FOX are familiar with the constant bleeping of profanity. On Tubi, the profanity is uncensored.

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda

Genre: Sci-fi

Episodes: 110

Summary: This is one of my favorite sci-fi shows of all time and was created based on notes left behind by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Captain Dylan Hunt (played by Kevin Sorbo) is commander of the starship Andromeda, ship of the line for the Systems Commonwealth. During a surprise attack by former allies, Captain Hunt and his ship become stranded on the edge of a black hole, causing time to slow down. When they emerge from the black hole, 300 years have passed, and the Commonwealth has fallen. Aided by his ship (with an artificial intelligence played by Lexa Doig) and a rag-tag group of salvage workers and mercenaries, Captain Hunt sets out to rebuild the Commonwealth and restore order to the universe.

Super Sentai

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Episodes: at least 10 programs averaging 50 episodes each

Summary: Even though this comprises multiple different programs, I am listing this as one entry. For those of you familiar with Power Rangers, the franchise is based on the Japanese program Super Sentai. The process of Westernizing the franchise involves substituting the actors, creating new plots and situations, and recycling a lot of morphed and zord footage.

Going back and watching the original Japanese program can be fascinating for multiple reasons. For people who have watched the Power Rangers version, it can be interesting to compare the programs. But the shows themselves are also interesting in their own right, with different characters and situations.

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, which was adapted into Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, has been a favorite of mine so far.

Lucha Underground

Genre: Sports, Drama

Episodes: 127

Summary: Lucha Underground is based on the Mexican Lucha Libre professional wrestling. The show features a wide variety of strange and colorful characters, from Johnny Mundo to Pentagon, to Drago and Sexy Star, as well as the devious and manipulative owner, Dario Cueto.

The show has clear and compelling story arcs; in other words, what goes on outside the ring is just as important (if not more so) than what goes on in the ring. There were stories of love and romance, the rise and fall of different characters, dangerous, bloodthirsty, and even supernatural characters, politics and backstabbing, all hinting towards an eventual confrontation with the Aztec gods.

The action can keep you hooked for all four seasons. Unfortunately, that’s all we’re getting. Even though there has been no official announcement (at least that I’m aware of), after being stuck in production limbo, most of the writers and stars involved have moved on. This leaves the possibility of a fifth season dead in the water, and all of us hooked on the lingering questions from the climactic season 4 finale.

Content warning: This program contains intense scenes of violence, including blood and gore. Matches such as Vampiro verses Pentagon Jr in the season 1 finale are especially difficult and should not be viewed by children.

Hope you enjoy these titles and discover plenty more. Happy watching!

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