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Adopting a Pet — How to Pick Your New Furry Friend

Adopting a furry, or even scaly, friend sounds simple, right? You just waltz right in an animal shelter, find the perfect pet, and then you’re set with a new family member. However, there are many things to consider that may not cross your mind when planning to adopt a pet.

Where to Adopt

Here are a couple of animal shelters in the Las Vegas area that I have visited and/or are great organizations to adopt from.

Petco or Petsmart: Although you can buy pets from Petco and Petsmart, you can also adopt! Animals up for adoption are mainly cats and dogs. The adoption areas within these stores usually house only a few animals. If you are not picky, you can adopt a best friend through Petco or Petsmart. In addition to in-store adoptions, adoption events are usually held every week or two. Make sure you check the store’s adoption event schedule to adopt on a day that works for you!

Nevada SPCA: I adopted all my pets at Nevada SPCA. The layout of the shelter is organized by animal: dogs, cats, and rabbits, as well as other small animals. Visitors are allowed to come inside and closely interact with all the animals in each room. Based on my experience, Nevada SPCA has been a great animal shelter with a quick adopting process.

Henderson Animal Shelter: This animal shelter is located in the Henderson area, closer to downtown Henderson. Like Nevada SPCA, this shelter is separated into different areas by animals. Visit this shelter if you live in the Henderson area!

Preparing Your Home for Your New Pet

It’s not the greatest idea to adopt a pet first and then buy its supplies. Buy all the supplies needed for your new furry friend such as food, toys, a bed, etc. beforehand. This makes it easier for you, and for your pet to be comfortable once they step inside your home.

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a small hamster, make sure the animal you would like to adopt fits into your living conditions. Many of us have different circumstances such as having family members or living in a small apartment. This may affect your new pet and its future life with you. Make sure you consider your living conditions so that you can pick the right pet for you and your home. Be considerate of your family members who are allergic to certain animals. Let them know what kind of pet you are planning to adopt and listen to their concerns or worries. Knowing your circumstances and being sensitive to those around you can help your pet to feel the most comfortable joining you and your family.

Lastly, the budget is an important factor in adopting a pet. Sure, the adoption fee may be $25 but what about their future vet visits and medications? Would you be able to afford it? Calculate the hypothetical costs of your desired pet and make sure it is in your budget. You always want to be prepared for a normal vet visit or even an emergency.

Picking Your New Furry Friend

Doing research on what pet you want to adopt is very important. Whether it’s looking at online sources or asking those who have the pet you want, learn everything you can about that animal. All animals are different and not every animal has the same diet, exercise routine, etc.

Knowing everything about the pet you want to adopt and considering your family members at home, it’s time to pick your new furry friend at an animal shelter. When it is finally time to meet all the critters in the animal shelter, I suggest meeting every single one. Once an animal calls out to your heart, you will know that animal is meant for you.


I hope that these adopting tips will help you find your new best friend! If you have had any experience with adopting animals, leave a comment in the comment section! What has your experience been like adopting animals?

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