• Katrina Pinili

A Modern Playlist to Keep You Feeling Motivated in 2020

Feeling not so motivated anymore for 2020? Don’t give up, you can do it! Here is a

playlist of songs that help me feel motivated for the New Year. These songs are fairly modern

and have been released in the past few years, so if you listen to older music, give these songs a

listen to broaden your music library!

These are only a few songs that I find pretty motivating. Most songs that are motivating

tend to be upbeat and make you feel pumped up. I have listed 5 songs that I think will either

make you feel productive or just brighten up your day. Give them a listen to feel positive and

ready for 2020 again!

Song #1: Back To Life - Mystery Skulls

Mystery Skulls’ music is mainly Electronic and Funk-based. Listening to their songs will always

put you in the groove to dance. For me, listening to Mystery Skulls has always lifted my mood

for the entire day. Listen to this band if you enjoy listening to electronic and upbeat music!

Song #2: I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers

Bleachers is a band that incorporates a lot of retro-like sounds such as beats and drums similar

to that of the 80’s. Most of their music is very upbeat and will make you feel a little nostalgic. I

have seen them perform once live, and the energy they have is infectious. Check

them out if you are into this kind of style!

Song #3: Still Alive - A R I Z O N A

The songs of A R I Z O N A are generally Electric-Pop. Listening to their music will, without a

doubt, put you in a dance-y mood.

Song #4: Let ‘em Say - Lizzo ft. Caroline Smith

Lizzo is known for the unapologetic confidence found in her songs and bringing an empowering

attitude. Listening to her music will definitely get you motivated for 2020, as well as feeling

good about yourself.

Song #5: Something Has To Change - The Japanese House

The music of Japanese House gives off a very chill vibe, leaving you calm and collected. The

genre of their music is Indie Pop. Check them out if you are into this type of music!


Hopefully, after listening to this playlist, you will feel ready to take on this new year. It’s

not too late to do things you’ve been needing or wanting to do for 2020! The bands that I have

listed are only a few of my favorites, so check them out if they spark your interest. Even though

they are quite modern bands, no matter what type of music you’re into, these bands will put

you in a positive mood. Are there any songs or bands you know of that make you feel

motivated and ready to take on the world? List them in the comment section!

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