10 Ways to Help Your Community During the Pandemic

With everything up in the air because of this pandemic, it can be scary not knowing what to do. Helping your community can not only positively impact your neighbors but it can also give you a sense of purpose and a better outlook on the future.

1. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to your neighbors. You can leave colorful signs in your windows to bring everyone some unexpected cheer. Leave funny pictures or jokes (age appropriate) and words of encouragement to brighten their day. If you have neighbors working on the front lines, a thank you can give them something to brighten their day.

2. The elderly currently need more help than ever. Asking for help can be hard for them, too. Offering to go grocery shopping for them can be just what they need. Even just checking up on them can make their day.

3. Sharing is caring. You can help your neighborhood by starting a makeshift canned food drive. Weather permitting, leave a table out by the street with a sign that says, “leave what you can, take what you need.”

4. The frontline healthcare workers are always in need of supplies. If you have unused gloves or masks, you can donate them, or you can start a fund for donations for your healthcare workers. One may already have been set up, so make sure you do some research!

5. The essential workers are also in need of supplies and support. Try to be kind to the grocery store employees, they are doing their best and don’t deserve to be treated poorly. You can also ask them if they need supplies and donate them, or, again, look into starting a fund or donate to one already in place.

6. A lot of smaller local businesses, such as restaurants, are struggling right now and you can help support them through ordering to go. Look for restaurants in your area that are still open for pick up and get yourself a treat while helping your community.

7. If you have sewing skills or have always wanted to learn, you can hone your skills while making masks to donate. There are many templates online you can use.

8. Connect to the rest of your neighborhood by setting up a group activity that doesn’t require being in close vicinity. You can choose a time for everyone to sing a song together or just clap or howl even! Also, if you want to do something for the kids in the neighborhood, set up a scavenger hunt with posters in windows.

9. If you can’t afford to donate money, you can always donate some blood. Many blood drives were canceled so the blood banks need donations.

10. Staying home is the simplest way to help yourself and your community. Only go out for essentials. It is hard when there are no answers to when this will be over but staying calm and staying home is what you should do.

So, do your part to help your community and your family during this pandemic. You can help yourself by helping others and be the reason someone smiles today!

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