10 Binge-Worthy Ensemble Comedy Shows

A good cast can really make a show worth watching and a great comedy ensemble cast can feel like family. Here are 10 comedy shows featuring great casts that make them worth binge-watching.

  1. Parks and Rec: After a somewhat rough start, Parks and Rec really found its pace and brings together a great cast of characters that are very different, but work well together. Leslie Knope is a leader that makes even the most obstinate of her team want to work hard and do better. They are the underdogs you root for to come out on top. Watching their friendships grow and become stronger with every season really draws you in and makes it worth the watch. So “Treat Yo-self” and give it a watch.

  2. Scrubs: Despite going dark in some episodes dealing with death and other medically sensitive issues, the characters always support each other and give the viewer hope, no matter how bad life gets. JD and Turk have a bromance for the ages, and the sass from the nurses is always a great delight. The endearing characters really make for an engaging show that draws you into their world. If you are interested in medical jargon and looking for a laugh, this show is for you.

  3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: If you enjoy a show with over the top characters and over the top plots, you probably have already seen this ridiculous show. The shenanigans these guys get into are so ludicrous that you can’t look away. Unlike other shows, the characters are despicable and have little to no redeeming qualities. They all have terrible traits, like narcissism, but they are taken to a new height. If you want to know what garbage people would get up to if they had no limitations like empathy or remorse, then look no further than Always Sunny.

  4. Brooklyn 99: Andy Samberg is known for his comedy and Brooklyn 99 is some of his best work. He and the rest of the cast work well together and have great comedic timing. They have surprising cameos and return guests that always bring an extra kick of comedy to the show. If you enjoy cop shows but wish there were more jokes and less murder, then you will love Brooklyn 99.

  5. Veep: This all-star cast of comedic geniuses really works well with each other to create a fast-paced, hilarious show. The dialogue is full of quickly thrown insults full of unbelievably accurate expletives. If you liked The West Wing but wished there were more swearing and gratuitous insults, give Veep a shot.

6. Arrested Development: Narrated by Ron Howard, this familial comedy cast is pure gold. The ups and downs this family faces are certainly comical, to say the least. The main character, Michael, played by Jason Bateman, is relatable to anyone who tries to distance themselves from their crazy family, yet always gets pulled back in. The quirky antics the Bluth family gets themselves into truly makes this show a one of a kind “must watch” show. Remember, there is always money in the banana stand!

7. The Good Place: This feel-good comedy has an amazing cast of new faces and old. The characters grow and learn from each other throughout the series which gives them real depth. The emotion they elicit is pure goodness. The whole premise of the show is so different from anything that has come before, so it is very uplifting. If you need a real pick me up then give The Good Place a try!

8. The Office: Of course, The Office is on this list. This cast was made up entirely of no names at the time, and they really made a splash with the relatable office mischief, and the cringiness of an out of touch boss. The awkward moments are outnumbered by the heartwarming moments captured by the documentary crew throughout the seasons. If you haven’t seen The Office yet then you better get on it!

9. Super Store: This show has a relatable character for every kind of person. The characters bond over their common goal to get through another boring day working at a mega-store. The crazy coworkers, and even crazier customers, make for an entertaining half-hour.

10. The Orville: If you like Star Trek and Family Guy, The Orville is a must-see. The interspecies crew, including a robot from a far off planet, are reminiscent of most Sci-Fi shows. The writing has the extra twist of the cast making jokes and poking fun at said sci-fi shows. It brings a light-hearted touch to a usually dramatic, suspenseful genre.

A show that can make you laugh is wonderful; but a show that can make you laugh, and form your own bond with the characters, is even better. So expand your watching experience and give one of these shows a try. Let us know what your favorite show is in the comments!

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