Frequently Asked Questions

What is Claody?

Learn more about us on our About page!

How can I become apart of the Claody Team?

We're always on the look our for talented individuals to join our team! Fill out an application here. If you don't see a role you're interested in, either note that in your application or send us a Contact Us request.

How do I know when new content is coming out?

Subscribe to our site to get up to date information on the newest content! You can also visit our social media and follow us there! We upload every Friday at 8am PT.

What is an Affiliate Link?

When a post has a discloser about an affiliate link, we are informing the reader that we have links in the post that are connected to an affiliate program. View our full disclosure here. An affiliate link is a specific URL that is connected to Claody's affiliate ID or username, and by clicking on that link, we may earn a profit at no extra cost to the reader. **We only promote products we have tested and truly believe would be beneficial to the reader.**

What is a Sponsored Post?

When a post discloses that they have been sponsored, it means that Claody was contracted to curate a post that would promote a company, product, or service. We do not have a set template that our writers follow, meaning a sponsored post may appear different depending on the writer. **Claody only partners with companies that align with the company (Claody) values. We will never partner with a company that could have a negative effect on our readers**

Is this a blog?

Yes! We're a blog-centered platform. The main difference with our blog is that we aim to release articles about a variety of topics, rather than sticking to a single niche.

How many people are on the Claody Team?

Our entire staff consists of less than 15 individuals. We aim to stay as small as possible while continuing to grow our standards and ambitions. Learn more about our staff by visiting our Meet the Team page!

How do you pronounce Claody?

Claody is pronounced like Cloudy, with the "ao" sounding like "ow".

Why is there a Suggested Products page?

Being a completely remote company, many of our staff indulge in primilary online shopping. You'd be amazed at all of the unique and useful items that we've found. We created the Products page to share all of our interesting finds as well as items that we can't live without. For Transparency: Some, if not all, products on the Suggested Products page are affiliate links. This means any purchase may provide compensation for Claody and/or the staff member that is suggesting the product. By shopping the link(s) we provide, it allows for us to keep releasing content!