What is Claody?

The goal for Claody is to become a blog based platform that has articles on all your interests in one place. 

We were inspired by blogs that specialize in a single niche and wanted to take that to the next level. Rather than stay in a single category, we took the most popular and created a single platform where you can browse all your different interests without having to hop from website to website.

We're still in the process of growing and setting up a solid foundation for us to build on for years to come. We've gathered an amazing team of Content Creators and Editors and now have quite a few articles. We're still working to get a substantial amount of articles for each category, but we're making progress towards our goal!

If you would like to meet our team, visit our Meet the Team page!

Name Change

We recently changed our name from Cloudy Tea to Claody. It started as a passion project and is slowly evolving into the vision we started with.

We're excited to share this change with you! 

how to pronounce claody

If you've wondered how to pronounce Claody, look no further.

It is pronounced like the word Cloudy. The ao is pronounced like "ow". 

Pretty simple, right? :)

If you have other questions, visit our FAQ page!