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I have always admired creative and informed people who can roll puns and facts off of their tongue like a digital assistant propped upon the kitchen countertop when asked a question. If we ever have the pleasure to meet one another you wouldn’t have a clue by looking at me today that I had debilitating shyness as a child. Did I expect to become a writer? No. However, I’ve always used it as a tool for
self-expression and rather than interact with people it was better to deal with them in a well written email. My studies and my degrees lead me to teaching and Human Resources and these two fields gave me more confidence around social settings and even though the shyness trickles up into my throat once
and awhile, I still put myself out there. Writing has always been there to free me from myself! My curious mind and my rebellious spirit get me into trouble all of time. I hope to educate and inspire people to think in different ways, overcome fear, or just learn something new. I’m a mom to both a human and Border Collie mutt, wife, sister, aunt, friend, but best of all a product of Generation X. Tears for Fears - Advice for the Young at Heart.